Research Activities

I started my career as a creative learning practitioner, trainer, and consultant, developing, delivering, and supporting creative projects that were influenced by child-centred teaching pedagogy that used an enquiry-based approach. During this time, I gained valuable experience supporting schools to embed creative teaching and learning into their curricula through New Labour’s flagship programme ‘Creative Partnerships’. I learnt to work in a way that recognised the value of incorporating robust and rigorous evaluation processes into projects which built strong foundations for my future research activities.

The research-based approach to my creative practice emerged when I undertook a piece of post-graduate research in 2012. My study explored the ways in which social-media projects, developed by artists, were challenging traditional models of participation in the Arts. As I learn best through doing, I developed a project ‘We Found Art,’ to run alongside this research to help me think through, ask questions about, and act on the insights that materialised. This way of working has since become a necessary and integral component of my practice.

My research activities include writing for publications, speaking at conferences, collaborating with academics and membership of research networks, all of which you can read more about in this section of my website. If you are interested in working with me, let’s have a conversation.